About Us

GirlSuccess Foundation is a non-profit organization positioned to empower the present and next generation of women, plus+. The foundation is a product of the experiences of not one woman but many put together to generate a positive impact for other females in the society. Though started in 2019, the creation of the Foundation is a long-time goal brought to fulfilment. From her early years of life to the present, the founder has experienced life at different levels and heard great and disheartening stories from other women and girls, that she made a promise to use her voice, knowledge, skills, and connections to create a positive difference for the less-privileged and subdued girls/women, and others in the society; an assurance many await to change their lives. The Founder’s extensive background in healthcare, business development and management, organizational leadership, education and training, and spiritual engagement gives her an exceptional understanding of the life of an average woman in the society and what most women and girls need to succeed.

The Founder

Her philosophy is that if one woman learns and teaches another, and the “another” teaches another, every woman would learn how to succeed. “Although everyone’s success level might not need to be the same, we can all succeed and when we do, the society thrives.” She believes that as every individual is responsible for his or her life, every woman is equally responsible for what and who she chooses to become and who and what she ultimately becomes. “This is an understanding many women lack and the awareness and support GirlSuccess Foundation has embarked on to improve. We welcome more promoters because no one woman, organization, or other can empower all women.”

Dr. Linda Ngozi Imoh is a mother of six (five girls and a boy), a health care practitioner, an entrepreneur, organizational leader, empowerer, and a prospective author. She is also a wife, a daughter, and a sibling whose approach to life had to be unique for her to succeed given her many roles. She created the Foundation to provide charitable goods and services in the form of economic and social support, education and training, as well as spiritual enrichment toward the success of more girls/women, PLUS+, especially in Africa and the U.S; a mission many await for survival.